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7 Days Hotel and Oak Heron Technology Achieve Strategic Cooperation

Date: 2023-09-12

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of 7 Days Hotel, 7 Days Hotel has reached a strategic cooperation with the smart breakfast cabinet Feishi, announcing the introduction of Feishi's smart breakfast cabinet to 7 Days Hotel. At this point, 7 Days Hotel will bid farewell to the era of no breakfast. The combination of the two has become a model for budget hotels to solve the breakfast problem.

In order to upgrade the consumer user experience again, the 7-day hotel plans to fully introduce the Feishi Intelligent Food Cabinet. Feishi includes cold storage containers, heating equipment, and advanced digital retail management system, which can achieve one click QR code scanning and one click heating to obtain rich cuisine, providing guests with a "healthy, delicious, and convenient" breakfast solution.

In the future, consumers will use convenient breakfast services in the 7-day hotel dining area. Guests can choose breakfast according to their taste and needs. After scanning the QR code on their mobile phone to pick up the meal, the smart device will automatically heat the food, and guests can receive a "warm" breakfast.

This cooperation is not only an important measure for upgrading 7-day hotel services, but also an important demonstration for intelligent breakfast cabinets to solve the problem of no breakfast in hotels. In response, Zhang Qinghui, Vice President of Oak Hero Technology and General Manager of Feishi Business, stated that the smart breakfast cabinet aims to provide consumers with healthier, more delicious, and convenient breakfast services. We hope that through our products, all guests can have a "warm heart and stomach" breakfast in budget hotels. We hope to inject new vitality into the development of the hotel industry through this 7-day cooperation.